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Advisor Managed Accounts

At EXCLUSIVEADVISORS®, investment management is a significant part of the value we provide to our clients.  We have a deep understanding and appreciation for objective fee-based asset management and advice.  We recognize that investors vary greatly in their circumstances and styles.  One size certainly does not fit all.  We have four distinct advisor-managed accounts offering the optimal flexibility to meet a client's investment objectives.  Each of these accounts can be funded with cash and/or securities.  Our advisor-managed accounts are held with National Financial®, a Fidelity Investments Company, to give you the confidence that your accounts are held with one of the world's largest clearing and custody providers.


Third-Party Managed Accounts

EXCLUSIVEADVISORS® offers multiple proven third-party management solutions customized to each high-net-worth client's needs.  These select groups of managers offer a variety of styles ranging from niche specialists to tactically managed portfolios.  Some manage individual securities, while others utilize mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), options, yield-oriented alternative investments, or a combination of all of these.

Fee Basis Alternative Investments

Most investors don't realize there's much more to investing than just stocks, bonds, ETFs, UITs and mutual funds. At EXCLUSIVEADVISORS® we offer enhanced portfolio management through the proper use and application of alternative investments, including impact investments, in advisor-managed accounts.  These alternatives include hedge funds, private equity, managed futures and business development companies (BDCs).  Utilized on a fee basis, these unique investment options can increase portfolio diversification and performance potential when used properly in conjunction with traditional investment allocations.


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